Friday Sep 29, 2023

Online casino glossary

Online casinos have become so popular around the globe. That today there are millions of gamblers playing from online casinos? The number of varieties of games is one reason people liking online casinos. The people who love to play sports can play live sports betting, the ones who love to play skill-based games can play poker, roulette, etc and the people who love to play simple games can choose slot machine games. Many new members are joining the jili เครดิตฟรี online casino on daily basis. For all the new gamblers below are some of the terminologies used in online casinos.


  • Withdrawal: It is the process in which the players can take their winning amount.
  • Whale: The players who play big stake games are known whales.
  • Washing: It is the act that is done, by the croupiers like collecting the betting amount and distributing the winning amount on table games.
  • Wagering requirement: To withdraw the bonus fund or to get some type of bonus one needs to wager some fixed amount, this is action is called a wagering requirement.
  • VIP: The players who have been playing with the casino for a long time and also if they are big wager players then they are considered as VIP members of the online casino.
  • Vigorish: The commission which is taken by the operator or house is called vigorish.
  • Unit: the least amount which is used for betting is called unit in the online casino.
  • Twenty-one: It is the name of a gambling game which is there for centuries.
  • Trips: In card games, if any hand has three same rank cards then it is called trips.
  • Tap out: When the player’s bankroll is completed emptied then it is called tap out.
  • Third Street: It is the name of the first round in one of the poker games.
  • Table stakes: It is a rule in the casino that when a player is playing on the table then he cannot remove or add coins.
  • Table hold: The money which is made in eight hours of the period on a single table is called table hold.
  • Surrender: It is the type of bets which are done in blackjack and roulette.
  • Sticky wilds: They are the same as the wild symbol in slot machine games the only difference between them is that the sticky wilds get stick to the grid.
  • Spooking: It is used for the person who stands back at the dealer and always peeps in his cards.




Hope this information will help both the new and veteran gamblers. Happy gambling!!

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